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The UT Austin Portugal Program wants to invite you to register for the Online Advanced Course on Biomedical Imaging 2022, organised by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra in collaboration with the programme

Target Audience & Core Structure

Specifically designed for postgraduate students, healthcare professionals, biomedical engineers, physical engineers, physicists, researchers, medical residents, medical oncologists, nurses and medical imaging and radiotherapy technologists, this course consists of 11 online sessions, running on Fridays from March 11 to June 3, plus an on-site session on June 17, reserved for attendants who wish to obtain ECTS credits (more info on Section Registration). 

The course’s official language is Portuguese but talks with the UT Austin Program’s seal will be in English, thereby catering for non-Portuguese speaking audiences. Please consult our website page to find out more about each session and invited speakers from Portugal, USA and Germany.

Learning Outcomes

The main physical principles and methodologies used in biomedical imaging techniques, such as data processing coming from morphological (Proton Therapy, CT, MRI, US/Doppler) or functional (SPECT, PET, Optical) approaches, including multi-modality systems will be analyzed. The basics of image formation, detection and measurement, sources of noise and artefacts, corrections, data and image processing and analysis, state-of-the-art and expected future developments will be presented and discussed.


To register for the course, participants must fill out this form.
Participants wishing to apply for 10 ECTS credits, granted by the University of Coimbra, must have their registration request first confirmed by the Program. After getting this confirmation, they will need to register directly at the University of Coimbra. For more information on how to earn ECTS credits, refer to the event page or send an e-mail to phdhs@fmed.uc.pt. No fees will be charged by the University, except if registrants apply for ECTS credits.

The first registration period runs until March 8!

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