The AI Act: getting the first step right | Science|Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been compared to electricity: it is a general-purpose technology with applications in all domains of human activity. Electricity has found uses that no one envisaged when the first electrical systems were designed and, in practice, life would be completely different without this technology. With AI also set to find its way […]

EU Cancer Mission depends on data | Science|Business

The number of cancer patients worldwide is rising at an unprecedent rate. In Europe there are worrying inequalities in cancer control and care within EU Member States, as well as across the EU. Having established cancer as a priority societal challenge, the European Commission is aiming to save three million lives by 2030. The EU […]

Technology to deliver sustainable fisheries | Science|Business

Is it possible to have sustainable fisheries? How can technology help fisheries to keep with the EU goals for sustainability and ensure marine environment protection? Remote electronic monitoring can help achieving just that.  What gets measured, gets managed. That’s why the widespread application of remote electronic monitoring (REM) will be key to delivering the EU’s […]

SparCity: the new collaborative project to create a supercomputing framework

Recently funded by the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), the highly ranked SparCity just launched. With three years of duration and a total budget of 2.6M€, this collaborative project between 6 partners in 4 countries aims to build a sustainable exascale ecosystem and increase Europe’s competitiveness. The main goal of SparCity is […]

Europe looks to raise its game in cybersecurity | Science | Business

As we now rely on digital services for almost every activity in our daily lives, they need to be available, dependable and secure. But can the EU collectively achieve some level of cybersecurity autonomy? After an extended period of fragmentation, the EU is now coming together and raising its game in cybersecurity technology development and […]