Communications and Research Policy Officer

Apply now! We are looking for a motivated future colleague to embrace a challenging and exciting project: the consolidation of INESC presence in the EU. You will be working both in developing and managing online, audio, video and face-to-face R&I related communication events, products and workgroups. Depending on your skill set, you may grow into […]

Discover our H magazine – July 2021: Visions of the future

Visions of the future, issue of July 2021 of the H magazine, is finally published! H is the e-magazine of INESC Brussels HUB. It brings you fresh ideas on the most important issues in scientific research and technology today, together with the stories of those who will develop the technological innovations of tomorrow. It focuses […]

INESC position in defence of the European budget for R&I

INESC has issued a position statement regarding the announced cuts to the EU R&I budget by the European Council. “The recent decision of the European Council to withdraw €1.4 billion from the budget initially foreseen for research and innovation in 2022, of which 316 million in the context of Horizon Europe, goes against the declared […]

On the road to HPC: Major Challenges & New Opportunities | Webinar Series

The UT Austin Portugal Program and the BigHPC consortium will be organizing a webinar series throughout the second semester of 2021 into 2022 to spark discussion among academia and industry about the challenges around High-Performance Computing and the major opportunities that lie ahead for both sides. Sessions are intended to provide rather practical insights into […]

DISCRETION: funded INESC-ID project to develop quantum communication networks for European Defence

The project “Disruptive SDN secure communications for European Defence” (DISCRETION) was one of the 26 projects selected by the European Commission under the 2020 call of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP). The DISCRETION proposal, in which Professors Ricardo Chaves, researcher at INESC-ID, and Paulo Mateus, researcher at IT, participate by Instituto Superior Técnico, was even ranked first […]

Tackling the challenges facing European industry | Science|Business

The result of a continuous and complex journey, economic development is about value creation. It requires three key elements: resources, processes and competencies. These three elements condition the creation of value across the economic, ecological and social dimensions. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the EU economy. As they account for more than […]

The AI Act: getting the first step right | Science|Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been compared to electricity: it is a general-purpose technology with applications in all domains of human activity. Electricity has found uses that no one envisaged when the first electrical systems were designed and, in practice, life would be completely different without this technology. With AI also set to find its way […]

EU Cancer Mission depends on data | Science|Business

The number of cancer patients worldwide is rising at an unprecedent rate. In Europe there are worrying inequalities in cancer control and care within EU Member States, as well as across the EU. Having established cancer as a priority societal challenge, the European Commission is aiming to save three million lives by 2030. The EU […]

Technology to deliver sustainable fisheries | Science|Business

Is it possible to have sustainable fisheries? How can technology help fisheries to keep with the EU goals for sustainability and ensure marine environment protection? Remote electronic monitoring can help achieving just that.  What gets measured, gets managed. That’s why the widespread application of remote electronic monitoring (REM) will be key to delivering the EU’s […]