March 22, 2024

Deep Dive: Call your neighbours. The path to energy self-sufficiency starts next door

1999. We live in an ecologically sustainable nation. Environment and humans live in perfect harmony, there is zero-tolerance pollution control and energy-efficient communities abound, with the active participation of citizens in decentralised solutions for energy production. Yes, you read that right: 1999. The visionary idea is by the writer Ernest Callenbach, in his novel Ecotopia, published in 1975. 

From utopia to reality, we return to 2024 and look to the future, at the same time distance between the writer and the novel, with a very similar vision when it comes to sustainability. 2050 is the target for a world where energy production will be virtually carbon-free, with the complete transition to renewable energy sources – and where communities and individuals will play an active role in energy production and management. To this, we add energy storage, widespread electrification in all sectors (from transportation to industry), and the significant increase in energy literacy. Are we being too ambitious? 

By INESC TEC, Power and Energy, BIP Magazine 

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