Digital Transformation: From institutional collaboration to multilateral opportunities reinforcing the EU-Japan partnership and its global influence

2022, Event, HUB event

21st June

Full agenda - Provisional Programme

This session will provide a forum to discuss research cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Japan in light of the current and future funding landscape. We are selecting digital transformation as the overarching theme to frame this discussion. The digital transition is definitely high on both EU and Japan’s agendas: they share similar approaches to it, underscoring the place of citizens at the centre of such transformation and the interdependency between the digital and green transitions.

The EU’s path to the digital decade and Japan’s vision of Society 5.0 entail, among other things, developing a sustainable, resilient and secure digital infrastructure for increased and improved connectivity and processing of vast amounts of data to help tackle some of the most pressing societal challenges.

As negotiations with third countries – including Japan – to discuss their status in Horizon Europe are underway, the session hosted by INESC TEC at INESC Brussels HUB Summer Meeting will highlight examples of successful bilateral activities in the digital field between renowned RPOs in Portugal and Japan and the challenges of leveraging achieved results and synergies through the usual funding mechanisms (or in their absence).

09h00 – Opening Remarks

09h10 – Enhancing the EU-Japan Alliance Through Digital:  Notes from the Industrial and Business Communities

09h30 – Session I: Shaping EU-Japan’s role in the Global Digital Governance

Where do Portuguese and Japanese Research-Performing Organisations stand?

Moderated Q&A – Rui Oliveira, Member of the Board of Directors, INESC TEC

10h30 – 20 minute break

10h50 – Session II: The research-funding landscape for EU

Japan collaboration in Digital – What should be kept and what should be changed in the face of opportunities

Overview: Research Funding Opportunities in the EU and Japan in support of EU-Japan Digital Cooperation


11h50 – Closing Remarks

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