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R&D centres

Vision and mission

Integrate competences from researchers in electrical engineering and computer science to advance the state of the art in computers, telecommunications and information systems.

 Support the first stages of the value generation chain: basic research, applied research and advanced education.

 In cooperation with other institutions, perform technology transfer, support the creation of technology-based startups and provide technical support.


Research & Innovation areas

Artificial Intelligence for People & Society (AIPS)

Automated Reasoning & Software Reliability (ARSR)

Distributed, Parallel and Secure Systems (DPSS)

Graphics and Interaction (GI)

Green Energy & Smart converters (GESC)

High Performance Computing Architectures and Systems (HPCAS)

Human Language Technologies (HLT)

Information & Decision Support Systems (IDSS)

Communication Networks (CN)

Nano-Electronic Circuits & Systems (NECS)

Sustainable Power Systems (SPS)

Thematic Lines


Digital Transformation and Citizenship


Life and Health Technology


Energy Transition


Security & Privacy


Supporting Public Policies

INESC-ID is a partner of INCM, the National Printing House and Mint, to apply an electronic archiving and a translation model to the on-line publication of the national official gazette (DRE.PT). 

INESC-ID evaluated, for the first-time, the entire Portuguese electric grid’s reliability and used the obtained high-resolution results to set the ceiling to improve the regulatory standards for the continuity of service, to be set by the National Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE). 

INESC-ID was involved in designing the National Strategy for Cyberspace Security 2019-2023, organized by the Nacional Security Office (GNS).


HeartGenetics is a company developing activity in genetics and computational biology, ie., a digital health company that adds intelligence to genetic data. Founded in 2013, it has grown and it now includes partners besides Portugal, in Spain and in the Netherlands, in Europe and in Brasil.

VoiceInteraction was formed in 2008 by INESC-ID researchers. Its first highlight was the automatic captioning of broadcast news for Portugal’s national TV, but its impact in other sectors, such as courtroom and meeting transcriptions, is growing significantly. 




INESC-ID is the leader of, the Portuguese distributed infrastructure for biological data, that supports the national scientific system through best practices in data management and state of the art data analysis.

 It interfaces with both academia and industry, making research available for innovation, namely in sectors such as agro-food and forestry, sea, and health. is also the Portuguese node of ELIXIR and includes ELIXIR services such as training programme and computing facilities, as well as consulting services in data analysis and management, and a number of community services.