February 5, 2024

On 25 January, the INESC Winter Meeting 2024 gathered 200 participants from the 5 INESC Institutes – INESC Coimbra, INESC-ID, INESC MN, INESC TEC and INOV.

The meeting took place at Alfândega Porto Congress Centre, against the scenic backdrop of the Douro River, providing an appropriate setting for collective reflection on our positioning within the European Research and Innovation (R&I) landscape.

Led by Dirk Stockmans, an experienced facilitator who worked for the European Commission, we worked together to shape the success stories we want to share in the coming years. Strategies and strengths, as well as the challenges we need to overcome, were discussed and provided solid routes for our common strategic positioning. Charlotte Andersdotter and Massimo Busuoli, experienced professionals in this area, had fundamental insights for sharing their experiences and were also a source of inspiration.

During the second day, held at INESC TEC, exclusive to administrations and senior positions, we engaged in insightful discussions at the INESC Winter Meeting 2024. The agenda included focused deliberations on the EU positioning of INESC institutes, strategies for adapting to evolving funding realities, and the essential conditions for success in the European Research and Innovation (R&I) landscape.

The day concluded with an in-room training session on “Corporate Governance: Board Development,” providing a valuable opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of governance dynamics and best practices. This tailored session aimed to enhance the expertise of administrators and senior figures, aligning with the overarching goal of reinforcing the effectiveness and strategic positioning of INESC institutes in the European R&I domain.

We thank all the participants who contributed, whether through posters, technical demonstrations or by openly sharing their work and engaging with colleagues from other institutes. Each contribution played a vital role. A special thanks to the INESC TEC Jazz Band for adding a musical touch to our meeting on Thursday evening!

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