João Oliveira

João Oliveira is a member of INOV’s research and development team, building solutions for Ciclope’s automatic fire detection using optical cameras.

His background in Computer Science, geometry reduction and visualization (M.Res.+Ph.D. University College London) has enabled him to co-author 30+ peer review articles and 2 book chapters with contributions in diverse areas (e.g.: mesh cleaning, level of detail, interactive visualization, compression, animation, collision detection, image-based rendering, cultural heritage, GIS, hydrography, photogrammetry, computational geometry, computer-assisted surgery, physiotherapy tools, navigation, augmented reality, mobile phone development).

He and is former student João Tavares won the 1st place prize national level of “Ser Capaz/Being capable” (ex aequo) awarded by: Associação Salvador for the work: “Physiosoft-A Fun Low-Cost Auto Feedback Tool for Physiotherapy”.