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In today's Morning Brief:

Public consultation on sustainable fisheries agreements

Fisheries are an increasingly important target of public scrutiny, and a significant aspect to tackle for the EU Green Deal objectives regarding marine biodiversity and healthy seas. For this reason, the Commission is conducting an evaluation of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements, and is now collecting feedback from the public, both citizens and stakeholders. The public consultations is available here.


Climate science from space: Interview with Miguel Bello, Director of AIR Centre and Ricardo Conde, President of the Portuguese Space Agency

With its Copernicus constellation of satellites, the European Union is considered a world leader when it comes to earth observation technology. The challenge now is to develop services at an affordable cost for potential commercial users like farmers or public services such as natural disaster response teams. Read it here.


Projects for hydrogen investment pipeline

The European Commission has launched an invitation to submit projects for renewable and low-carbon hydrogen technologies and solutions. The project collection is directed to the members of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and aims at building a pipeline of investments in hydrogen technologies, as set out in the objectives of the Hydrogen Strategy for climate-neutral Europe. The call for projects is open until May 7th; the projects will be reviewed on occasion of the next Hydrogen Forum meeting, on 17-18 June.


Workshop on Energy Performance of Buildings

As part of the revision process of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU, the Commission is hosting a series of workshops aiming to obtain stakeholders input to the preparation of the revision. The revision is part of the EU Green Deal strategic action plan for greening our buildings, aiming to double the annual energy renovation rate of buildings by 2030 and to foster deep renovations. The second workshop of the series, focusing on minimum energy performance standards for existing buildings, will take place on April 15th. Registration is possible by contacting the project representative.

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