Paulo Jorge Peixeiro de Freitas


Paulo Jorge Peixeiro de Freitas received his Ph.D in Solid State Physics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1986. His thesis topic involved the study of magnetoresistance in CoFe thin films. Between 1986-1987, he was a post-doctoral fellow at IBM, Yorktown Heights where he workd on magnetic thin films and high TC superconductors. Since 1990, he has been at the Instituto Superior Tecnico, where he is a Full Professor in the Physics Department. He is presently the Director of INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies and the responsible for the magnetics research group. His current research interests include GMR heads for ultra high density recording, spin-dependent tunneling junctions, non-volatile memories, magnetic multilayers and thin films, micromagnetism, transport phenomena, GMR sensors, bioelectronics and biosensors.

Since 2009 Prof. Paulo Freitas was appointed Deputy Director General at International Iberian Nanotechnology Institute.