10/6/2021: New INESC article on Science|Business, exclusive Horizon Europe guide, Horizon Europe dissemination, sustainable fishing, forest protection, and the future of CBDC

In today’s Morning Brief: New INESC article published on Science Business: “The AI Act: getting the first step right” || Exclusive Horizon Europe guide now available in the Private Area || Commission webinar on Horizon Europe “Dissemination and Exploitation” || Commission’s annual state of play on sustainable fishing ||
MEPs call for binding measures to protect Europe’s forests || The future of CBDC: new EUBOF report on the possible structures of the digital euro

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2/6/2021: HUB events yesterday, tech sovereignty, AI and blockchain, EU processor, German hydrogen projects, geothermal energy, CAP’s impact, consultation on ecodesign, and ICC City Lab

In today’s Morning Brief: Deep Tech and Forestry events yesterday | Tech sovereignty as a priority of the K4I’s innovation manifesto | Report: EU must boost AI and blockchain funding to avoid market failures | EU processor project designs European-grown test chip | Germany to invest €8 bn in large-scale hydrogen projects | Planned revision of EU renewables law opens door to geothermal | Evaluation of CAP’s impact on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions | Commission seeks public opinion on ecodesign and energy efficiency for mobile phones and tablets | 3rd ICC City Lab open sessions

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29/03/2021: Organic production, renewable hydrogen and energy systems integration, gas market, Erasmus+ adoption, EU-Brazil, IoT, DIH, organs on chip, blockchain

In today’s Morning Brief:
European Green Deal: Commission presents actions to boost organic production | MEPs advocate push for renewable hydrogen and integration of energy systems | Public consultations on the decarbonising the EU gas market | Portuguese EU Presidency vows to adopt new Erasmus+ in June | The 10th EU-Brazil Joint Steering Committee Meeting: towards an enhanced partnership in Horizon Europe | Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum | Workshops on dedicated to the call to setup the initial network of Digital Innovation Hubs | University Online Session on “Medical technology advances: nervous system-on-a-chip” | #Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformations

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