Blue economy

20/05/2021: New HUB podcast on personalised medicine, Erasmus package, ERC and EIC closer to the market, EIC call extended, trade and biodiversity, EU Algae, EC strategy for international cooperation

In today’s Morning Brief: New INESC Brussels HUB podcast on personalised medicine available | European Parliament adopted the ERASMUS package worth €28 billion | EIC and ERC in search of adequate instruments for up-to-market solutions | EIC Pathfinder call deadline extended ‘due to technical problems’ | Impacts of trade on biodiversity | EC consultation on EU Algae initiative | EC adopted strategy for international cooperation

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19/05/2021: INESC article on fisheries published on Science Business, HUB workshop material, Horizon Europe, Blue economy strategy, fusion power, and energy performance workshops

In today’s Morning Brief: INESC article on fisheries published on Science Business | HUB Horizon Europe workshop | Newer member states’s hardship in extracting value from Horizon Europe | Commission strategic guidelines for sustainable and competitive EU aquaculture | EC and EIB for a new blue economy strategy | Fusion power: EU ITER and EU-Japan DEMO | Workshops on the green & digital transition | OLISSIPO Twin Seminars on Computational Biology

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