02/11/2021: New Hub Podcast, COP26 Side Events, the Data Act, the EU Crop Map, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– [Podcast] Green deal call puts a symbolic end to H2020 – What lessons have we learnt?;
– Commission hands out €1B in green deal research grants ahead of COP26;
– MEPs want to reinvest leftovers money from H2020 in HEurope health R&D;
– UK allocates £6.9B of its science budget for Horizon Europe;
– Draft impact assessment sheds some light on upcoming Data Act;
– The EU Crop Map;
– DG Entrepreneurship and SMEs hosts COP26 side event;
– Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission;
– Facial Recognition Technology growing in Europe;
– CONCORDi 2021 – Industrial innovation for competitive sustainability.

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