EU Council

01/10/2021: EIT, G20, Energy efficiency, Circular Plastics, Soil farming & carbon capture, EU Unitary Patent, Data Act, and some WE readings

In today’s Morning Brief:
– EIT Governing Board call
– G20 Research Ministers adopt declaration on research, higher education and digitisation
– Commission publishes recommendation and guidelines on the energy efficiency first principle
– Circular Plastics Alliance: a new step towards 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics
– Soil, farming and carbon capture
– EU closer to a long-awaited Unitary Patent Court
– The Netherlands publishes non-paper on upcoming Data Act
– Another increase in research budget in a EU country: Austria
– Starting in science: the real story
– EU Council Think Tank September Review

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16/7/2021: EU Council proposed cuts to HE, Switzerland out of HE, research funding for climate, new Forest Strategy, reactions to the climate package, China’s climate measures, digital sovereignty, and a webinar on HPC

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Research stakeholders against €316M proposed cut to 2022 Horizon budget
– EU suspends Swiss access to grants
– EU to raise R&D investments to reach climate goals
– Commission proposes new strategy to protect and restore EU forests
– Climate package: concerns about social and trade impact and the support of investors
– China launches a carbon trading scheme
– Digital Sovereignty at the core of the Industrial strategy debate
– Webinar “On the road to HPC: Major Challenges and New Opportunities” (22 July)

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