17/05/2021: IP code of practice, EU Open Data days, Carbon economy, Zero pollution plan, global data transfer, and Digital Service’s Act

In today’s Morning Brief: Towards a Code of Practice for Smart Use of IP | EU Open Data Days | Carbon economy – Studies on support to research and innovation policy in the area of bio-based products and services | Zero pollution action plan | Global data transfer uncertainty to jeopardise EU digital ambitions | Digital Service’s Act to tackle online disinformation

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21/04/2021: EU Climate Law, GDPR for health, ERC applications boom, technology sovereignty, digital transition, research careers, and research impact in policy

In today’s Morning Brief: EU reaches a deal on the European Climate Law | Data protection in health care and health research | ERC receives record number of Starting Grants applications in first round of Horizon Europe | CEOs call for €100B technology sovereignty fund | Digital Maturity Tool and the Innovation Radar | German Research Foundation adopts charter of principles for young research careers | EARMA Policy session: The research impact agenda and its influence on institutional strategies in the European and wider international context

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