22/6/2021: Health Technology Assessment, Industry and technology, HE Science Business guide, coop EU-Canada, raw materials, forest fires, EU energy infrastructures and Renewable Energy Directive, a new hackathon, and the Twin Transition

In today’s Morning Brief: Political agreement on the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Regulation
|| Impact of technology on industry: New issue of Science&Society
|| Horizon Europe: the Science Business guide || Developments in international cooperation in R&I || Raw materials strategic partnership with Canada || Forest fires: European Commission is stepping up its preparations for the forest fire season 2021 || EU’s plan for optimising European energy infrastructures || [Opinion] “Not all renewables are created equal” – How the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive risks destroying Europe’s forests || Hackathon to identify and develop tools to serve the transplant patient community || [Video] The Twin Transition: How can Green Growth and Digital Transformation go hand in hand to drive Europe’s recovery?

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09/04/2021: Cybersecurity funding, Rural European Innovation Area, CAPs, data protection in health tech, health hackathon, pool patents, global taxes, and the future of green hydrogen

In today’s Morning Brief: €134 million euros for cybersecurity in 2021 and 2022 | Manifesto for a Rural European Innovation Area backed by Commissioner Gabryel | Ageing and Common Agricultural Policies | Data protections rules ‘harming EU leadership’ in health research | Webinar on patent pools | Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon | Global taxes and economic growth | Deep-dive: Future of green hydrogen in Europe

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