15/03/2022: Contract to design app for cancer prevention, Cryptocurrencies in the EU, IbPRIA 2022, New TPI 2021, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Service Contract to Design, Develop, Pilot and Deliver an ‘EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention’;
– Research Fund for Coal and Steel Summit 2022;
– Cryptocurrencies in the EU: New rules to boost benefits and curb threats;
– The Commission is launching the Investors Dialogue on Energy;
– Ukrainian researchers pressure journals to boycott Russian authors;
– IbPRIA 2022: 10th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis;
– Towards a green, digital and resilient economy: our European Growth Model;
– COP15 global biodiversity negotiations: EU leading the ambition for a new deal to protect people and the planet;
– Extraordinary Industrial Forum discussed impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on EU countries;
– New Transitions Performance Index 2021.

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