08/04/2022: ‘The Insider’, EIC Women Leadership Programme, Societal Transformations in the Digital Age, Wind and Nuclear Energy, Military Research, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– ‘The Insider’ – new episode featuring Carlos Henggeler, INESC Coimbra’s President;
– EIC awards €145 million in challenge-drive call for research projects;
– EU space agency calls on space innovators to aid humanitarian efforts in Ukraine;
– Societal Transformations in the Digital Age: Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research in Horizon Europe;

– FAO launches new phase of agriculture policy initiative with $11 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;
– New EUFOMA Talk: From Revolution to Evolution – The Fishery and Aquaculture Market in a Post COVID-19 World;
– Open Call – EIC Women Leadership Programme;
– Should scientists study how to dim the sun?;

– INESC-ID welcomes EMBL Olissipo Researchers;
– Converting wastewater into clean water: The AFTERLIFE project presents its results;
– UK unveils wind and nuclear focused energy plan following gas price hikes;
– The economic benefits of climate action will outweigh the costs, IPCC report finds;
– Science goes to war: Western allies step up collaboration in military research;
– New European Bauhaus: Commission launches ‘NEB LAB’ with new projects;

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29/03/2022: Portugal joins partnership for space, ERC sees drop in applications, Biofuel, UK-EU Cooperation event, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Portugal joins international partnership for space exploration;
– HERA looks to form two new expert groups;
– ERC sees drop in applications from mid-career researchers;
– Bioenergy scientists discover genetic pathway for better biofuel processing;
– VISUM 2022;
– UK-EU educational cooperation and the Turing Scheme: opportunities and challenges;
– Ricardo Bessa receives international Excellence Award for his contribution to renewable energy forecasting;
– No major abnormalities in EU carbon market, says watchdog;
– New series of energy stakeholder dialogues open in Czechia today;
– How scientists can prevent an engineered pandemic.

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18/02/2022: EU renewable energy financing, 2021 EU Survey on Industrial R&D Investment Trends, Call for experts in agriculture, Silicon Valley Index 2022, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– EU renewable energy financing mechanism: EU countries express interest in participation;
– The 2021 EU Survey on Industrial R&D Investment Trends;
– Europe’s bid for AI standard faces long road, EU lawmakers say;
– MEPs want to ‘roll out the red carpet’ for cancer researchers;
– EU invests over €110 million in LIFE projects for environment and climate in 11 EU countries;
– Call for experts in the Promotion of Agricultural Products Programme;
– EU launches plan for independent low-earth orbit satellite broadband communication system;
– EU Platform on Food Losses & Food Waste: Setting priorities for a new mandate (2022-2026);
– The Silicon Valley Index 2022;
– European and African universities welcome proposed AU-EU Innovation Agenda;
– EU aims to make Africa a world champion in hydrogen exports;
– Conclusions of the informal meeting of European ministers responsible for space.

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16/02/2022: INESC TEC develops technology detecting driver fatigue, impact of RTOs, Digital Europe Programme, Security Research Event 2022, Energy, Defence, AI and ageism, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– INESC TEC develops technology to detect driver fatigue;
– The second wave of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) calls for project grants now published;
– Security Research Event 2022;
– Dutch applied research organisations impact report 2021;
– Commission seeks views and input on fair licensing of standard-essential patents;
– Space: EU initiates a satellite-based connectivity system and boosts action on the management of space traffic;
– EU Soil Mission wants your research proposals!;
– European Universities joint appeal for more support for African universities;
– Commission unveils significant actions to contribute to European Defence;
– Data Protection Engineering;
– Workshop Series on the Digitalisation of the Energy System;
– WHO policy brief: AI and ageism.

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26/10/2021: Registration is open for two of our workshops regarding Health Technologies and Agro, Food and Forestry, COP26 is fast approaching, and more

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Scientists Identify Biotech Techniques to Improve Space Agriculture;
– Action Plan to Conserve Fisheries Resources and Protect Marine Ecosystems – Targeted Consultation;
– WG Agro, Food and Forestry Workshop – 2 December 2021;
– WG Health Technologies Workshop – 3 November 2021;
– EIC Summit: Registration is now open;
– EC Workshop on Green Deal funded projects – 27 October;
– CO26 Climate Summit: A Scientists’ Guide to a Momentous Meeting.

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23/6/2021: R&I Days live now, EIC calls, MSCA 2021, INESC TEC in best-practice study, Portugal in EU&Regional Innovation Scoreboard, EU Space Programme, health innovation projects, innovation procurement, sensors for fisheries, and new genomic techniques

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Research and Innovation Days 2021 – Live online today and tomorrow
– EIC Pathfinder Challenge calls
– Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions: Commission supports researchers and organisations with €822 million in 2021
– Poland’s R&I institutional system reform: INESC TEC among the 7 EU institutes in best-practice study
– European & Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2021: PT decreases innovation capacity
– Launch of the new EU Space Programme
– IMI successor to launch 30 large scale health innovation projects by 2030
– New guidance for innovation procurement
– Fisheries control in the EU
– [Video] EC study on new genomic techniques – What’s next?

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7/6/2021: Horizon EU info days, R&I days, deal about space and quantum, Smart City Marketplace, Zero Pollution platform, hydrogen, and the digital identity wallet

In today’s Morning Brief: Horizon Europe Info Days (28 June 2021 – 9 July) || EC Research and Innovation Days (23-24 June) || Commission webinar on Horizon EU (9 June) || Deal over quantum and space research for Horizon EU || Smart City Marketplace Forum || Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform launched by the EC and the Committee of Regions || Hydrogen sector aims for drastic price cuts by 2050 || Digital identity wallet proposal

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