07/02/2022: EU birthday, COVID-19 travel measures, European Code Against Cancer Webinar, STEM Out of the Box, European Industry Days 2022, European energy crisis, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– 30 years ago, the European Union was formally created;
– A common approach to COVID-19 travel measures in the EU;
– European Code Against Cancer (ECAC) Webinar;
– STEM Out of the Box: Women Imagining New Career Paths Beyond Hard Science;
– European Industry Days 2022 – European Research Agency’s contribution to the Green and Digital transitions;
– Digital Industry sets out laundry list for EU-US Trade and Technology Council;
– Ukraine at the crossroads of a European energy crisis;
– Blue Farming: New Strategic Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture;
– Transition Pathway for Tourism published.

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27/01/2022: Gulbenkian Science Institute open call, Webinar on Horizon Europe, Energy Infrastructure Investment, US to lure STEM talent from overseas.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Gulbenkian Science Institute opens calls for Group Leaders;
– Webinar: Horizon Europe – Quick guide to tackle gender dimension and cross-cutting issues;
– Renewable Energy on the rise: 37% of EU’s electricity;
– US launches measure to lure STEM talent from overseas;
– EU invests over €1 billion in energy infrastructure in support of the Green Deal;
– Commission appoints members of the European Group in Science and New Technologies;
– Europe needs a strategy for seasonal energy balancing.

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