11/05/2022: EU innovation policy, European Innovation Council, INESC-ID and AI, Horizon Europe Budget, European Health Data Space, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Research and technology organisations outline ideas for new EU innovation policy;
– Kick-off of the fifth edition of the Just Transition Platform Meeting;
– EU start-ups in limbo as Comission dithers over European Innovation Council equity fund;
– INESC-ID: Geometry Friends – join the competition!;
– Research Fund for Coal and Steel: Applicants request more than €90 million in EU funding from new ‘Big Ticket’ calls;
– EU launches Ukrainian research aid scheme as it boosts Horizon Europe budget;
– Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking: Publication of the Work Programme and Info day;
– One Year of Open Research Europe: Contributor experiences and next steps;
– The Ecosystem: Can start-ups thrive in the European Health Data Space?;
– The Atlantic Testing Platform for Maritime Robotics (ATLANTIS) – Open Call;
– Conference on Industrial Technologies IndTech 2022;
– LEAK: EU Commission considering higher renewable energy target for 2030.

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09/05/2022: Europe Day 2022, MSCA Seal of Excellence, Deforestation and Agro, Open Science and IP Protection, Hydrogen, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Europe Day 2022;
– MapStakes: a tool for mapping, involving and monitoring stakeholders in co-creation processes in agriculture;
– Beyond deforestation: Water use in global agricultural commodity supply chains;
– Almost 2,000 researchers receive MSCA seal of excellence;
– Universities ponder long term support for Ukraine;
– 2nd meeting of the Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform held on 25 April;
– IHI Kick-off and brokerage event;
– INESC TEC researchers acknowledged at international conference on software engineering;
– EIB and Florimond Desprez sign €40 million loan agreement to finance research into new climate change-resistant plant varieties;
– Spain becoming one of Europe’s new hydrogen hubs, says von der Leyen;
– Become a Bioeconomy Youth Ambassador;
– Webinar: Implementation of Data Analytics for a sustainable and climate-resilient Agriculture 4.0;
– Openness in science & IP protection and uptake;
– G7 countries pledge to stop Russia oil imports.

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02/05/2022: The Insider, EU report on R&I, Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking Event, Canada’s new innovation agency, Carbon Farming, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– ‘The Insider’ – new episode featuring Charlotte Andersdotter;
– EU foresight report points to need for more collaboration on R&I policy;
– INESC TEC helps younger people “prepare for the future”;
– Introducing the Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking;
– A new report supports the EU’s efforts to provide opportunities for young people;
– Canada launches innovation agency and edges toward Horizon association;
– Creating a sustainable Finish textile industry with bio-based and recycled fibres;
– Council of the EU adopts conclusions on carbon farming;
– Time for Europe to get serious on Artificial Intelligence;
– Green Deal: EU announces €1 billion worth of commitments to protect the ocean;
– Supporting Ukrainian refugees in Europe;
– US plans campaign to attract Russian scientists, engineers to America.

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20/04/2022: Energy Infrastructure Forum, Computational Biology, AI, DSA, Single Market Emergency Instrument, EIC, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– 8th Energy Infrastructure Forum;
– Looking at life in context: Computational biology and artificial intelligence break new ground;
– Second meeting of the High-Level Construction Forum;
– Commission seeks views on the upcoming Single Market Emergency Instrument;
– Ukraine: The DSA cannot let filters blind us to war crimes;
– China denies claims its researchers paused cooperation with Russian Academy of Sciences;
– Symposium: Vaccination and the pandemic – Lessons from behavioural sciences;
– Workshop: European Innovation Council (EIC) funding opportunities for space start-ups and SMEs.

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13/04/2022: Low-carbon technologies, New European Bauhaus, NATO and cyber security, AI in Bulgaria, Lisbon Machine Learning School, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– EU sets out plan for developing and scaling up low carbon technologies;
– EIT to fund 20 companies in New European Bauhaus drive;
– Protecting the most vulnerable must be foremost in addressing economic fallout of war in Ukraine;
– Webinar: Avoiding errors in declaring personnel costs in Horizon 2020 grants;
– ERC issues ultimatum telling 150 UK-based grant holders to move to the EU;
– The Ecosystem: Fab labs can also make start-ups;
– Info-day for Horizon Europe’s WIDERA programme;
– Environmental Information and Data Management in the Marine Environement (INESC TEC);
– Bulgaria launches AI centre to woo science and tech talent;
– The 12th Lisbon Machine Learning School will take place in July with CMU Portugal support (INESC ID);
– Fighting scientific disinformation: A first Europe-wide online course launches;
– NATO’s role in global cyber security;
– Commission research chief eyes role as EU ambassador to Japan.

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11/04/2022: Energy Security, Destination Earth, ‘The Insider’, ERC ultimatum to UK grant winners, Clean Technology Projects, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Universities call for long-term, flexible EU support for scholars at risk;
– Energy security: Commission hosts first meeting of EU Energy Purchase Platform;
– Destination Earth: New digital twin of the Earth will help tackle climate change and protect nature;
– ‘The Insider’ – new episode featuring Carlos Henggeler, INESC Coimbra’s President;
– UK winners of EU grants given two-month ultimatum;
– EU agrees on fifth package of restrictive measures against Russia;
– Commission makes €100 million available for innovative clean technology projects;
– EU industrial technology roadmap calls for full speed development and scaling up of innovative low-carbon technologies;
– Introducing the Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking.

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08/04/2022: ‘The Insider’, EIC Women Leadership Programme, Societal Transformations in the Digital Age, Wind and Nuclear Energy, Military Research, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– ‘The Insider’ – new episode featuring Carlos Henggeler, INESC Coimbra’s President;
– EIC awards €145 million in challenge-drive call for research projects;
– EU space agency calls on space innovators to aid humanitarian efforts in Ukraine;
– Societal Transformations in the Digital Age: Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research in Horizon Europe;

– FAO launches new phase of agriculture policy initiative with $11 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;
– New EUFOMA Talk: From Revolution to Evolution – The Fishery and Aquaculture Market in a Post COVID-19 World;
– Open Call – EIC Women Leadership Programme;
– Should scientists study how to dim the sun?;

– INESC-ID welcomes EMBL Olissipo Researchers;
– Converting wastewater into clean water: The AFTERLIFE project presents its results;
– UK unveils wind and nuclear focused energy plan following gas price hikes;
– The economic benefits of climate action will outweigh the costs, IPCC report finds;
– Science goes to war: Western allies step up collaboration in military research;
– New European Bauhaus: Commission launches ‘NEB LAB’ with new projects;

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06/04/2022: EIC programme managers, EU Geopolitics of Technology, AI, INESC MN Seminar, EIC Accelerator, Energy Consumption, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– European Innovation Council hires four new programme managers;
– Europe in the new Geopolitics of Technology;
– Consolidation, development and internationalisation: The goals of INESC P&D Brazil for 2022;
– EU still behind on AI, but not as much as feared;
– Doctoral education in Europe: Current developments and trends;
– Supply shock caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine puts strain on various EU agri-food sectors;
– Cost of gas storage refill will be evenly spread, EU assures;
– The fight for truth;
– INESC MN 2022 Seminar Series: Dr. Elisabete Fernandes;
– Research community calls for non-profits to be exempt from upcoming EU digital rules;
– EIT Health-supported start-up attains CE mark;
– Continued strong demand for European Innovation Council Accelerator in first cut-off in 2022;
– An IoT-based real-time management of energy consumption.

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04/04/2022: Synergies, EIF investments, Ukraine, HE Young Observers in Evaluations, Food Strategy, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Synergies in the Research and Innovation Funding in Europe: Flagship Conference of the Czech Presidency in the Council of the EU;
– European Innovation Fund puts €1.1 billion in seven green transition innovations;
– Lithuania: EIB support for more efficient city heating in Vilnius;
– Germany backs call to establish EU plan for Ukrainian academics;
– Commission to open negotiations for Ukraine’s participation in LIFE programme for climate and environment;
– Horizon Europe: a new initiative for Young Observers in evaluations;
– Commissioner: EU’s sustainable food strategy ‘on pause’, but not forgotten;
– 40 projects willing to advance the restoration of soil health in Europe;
– Commission strengthens market surveillance: Opening of new laboratories for testing emissions from motor vehicles;
– WTO official: IP waiver on COVID vaccines would not facilitate access immediately.

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