Porto, Portugal


Configurable FPGA systems of sensors and mixed signals

Role overview

Job Description

The C4MiR technology is an innovative electronic system composed of a control module and a method to monitor in-situ sensors and actuators, such as those used in wearable and smart-textiles applications. It is intended for the candidate to carry out the development and implementation of a prototype of this electronic system in FPGA with different types of peripherals, sensors and actuators. Interconnected by an I2C communication bus, it should allow demonstrating the functionality and potential of C4MiR technology for self-testing and self-calibration of electronic mixed signal systems, digital and analog. Adaptations to new MIPI I3C specifications will also be considered.

Requirements :

  • Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Informatics and computing Engineering or related areas.
  • Skills in design and development of electronic digital systems in FPGA

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