INESC Brussels HUB Website’s Terms of Use

1. Scope and purpose

1.1.    These Terms and Conditions of Use govern the use of the INESC Brussels Hub website by users.

1.2.    The website was developed by Modal Creativity, Lda, who may also operate and maintain the system and in which case assumes the role of data processor, for the purpose of personal data related legislation.

1.3.    The purpose of the website is to promote INESC Brussels Hub initiatives as well as the activities of its members and to permit access to certain services, like newsletters’ subscriptions, events’ registration and other resources whose access is restricted to the staff of the Institutes that form part of INESC Brussels Hub network (INESC Institutes or INESC Brussels Hub members).

2. Conditions of access and use

2.1.    The website is publicly accessible and free of charge. Reserved area is restricted to researchers and staff of the INESC Institutes.

2.2.    In order to have access to the reserved area, researchers and staff of the INESC Institutes need to complete a registration and to create a specific account for that purpose.

2.3.    By accessing the reserved area, the user declares that he or she has understood and accepted the following conditions and legal information relating to the access and use of this feature on the website.

3. Liability and warranty

3.1.    The website is intended to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, disturbances in electronic communication networks, may block access to all or part of the website pages.

3.2.    The INESC Brussels HUB, the INESC Institutes or the developers assume no responsibility and make no warranty as to the functioning and use of the website, namely, that it will be permanently and continuously available and free of errors or faults, or that any errors will be rectified.

3.3.    The INESC Brussels HUB and INESC Institutes are not responsible for references made and links to third-party websites and the use made of the respective contents. Access to and use of such websites and contents is at the user’s own risk. The INESC Brussels HUB and INESC Institutes explicitly state that they have no influence on the design, content or offerings of linked-to pages. Responsibility for information and services provided by linked-to websites lies entirely with the third party in question. No responsibility whatsoever is accepted for such websites.

4. Data Protection

4.1.    Based on the GDPR, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the provisions of Portuguese national legislation on data protection (data protection legislation), everyone has the right to privacy and the protection against misuse of their personal data.

4.2.    INESC TEC, INESC Coimbra, INOV, INESC ID and INESC MN, comply with the applicable data protection legislation and are joint controllers as regards the processing of personal data, having regulated their respective roles and responsibilities regarding such processing as better described in the Privacy Policy.

5. Copyright, property rights and rights of use

5.1.    Unless otherwise provided in the website, copyrights on the website and relative contents belong to the INESC Institutes.

6. Final provisions

6.1.    The INESC Brussels HUB members reserve the right to amend or add to the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, given that the law and the rights of the copyright owners are fully respected. Any new conditions will be made public to users in advance in an appropriate manner and will be deemed to have been accepted if no objection is received within one month.

6.2.    Should one provision of the Terms and Conditions of Use be invalid or inoperative, the other provisions thereof shall not be affected.

6.3.    Portuguese Law shall apply, subject to any divergent mandatory provisions of European Union Law.

6.4.    If the user has any questions about the Terms and Conditions of Use should send the question via mail and/or email addresses indicated in the contacts section of the website.

Date of last update: March 20, 2021