Postdoc researcher in Computer Science (deadline: 4/5/2021)

Porto, Portugal

Postdoc researcher in Computer Science (deadline: 4/5/2021)

Computer Science

Role overview

Job Description

INESC TEC is looking for a researcher to work within the Computer Science / Information Systems and Computer Graphics cluster.

The job activities are:

  • Implement a platform for data storage and querying;
  • Implement mechanisms to expand the EPISA knowledge base using external sources;
  • Implement a set of APIs for interaction and search on the platform;
  • Plan and coordinate assessment tasks for the implemented solutions.

The candidate is required to have a Phd in computer engineering or a related field.

Beyond the PhD, the minimum requirements for this profile are a basic understanding of Portuguese (oral) and a proven record of articles published in a conference or journal with peer review.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the area of semantic web, linked data, or the like; – experience in developing systems based on linked data; experience with technologies in the area of web semantics (RDF, SPARQL); experience in conducting studies with users; knowledge of archival description standards; experience in works related to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Scientific advisor: Sérgio Nunes.

Application period: 20 Apr 2021 – 4 May 2021.

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