Researcher in Information Systems, Information Science, Informatics Engineering (deadline: 9/6/2021)

Porto, Portugal

Researcher in Information Systems, Information Science, Informatics Engineering (deadline: 9/6/2021)

Information Systems

Role overview

Job Description

INESC TEC is looking for a Master holder to work within the Industrial and Systems Engineering / Enterprise Systems Engineering cluster.

The researcher will participation in research activities of the project Transformer4.0 (2020-2023), a flagship project of the MIT-Portugal program. The grant holder will be involved in a team of researchers from INESCTEC, Efacec, INEGI and MIT. The specific activities to be developed are:

  • Participation in the specification of the high-level requirements for the Transformer 4.0 in terms of its digital-twin, Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) processes and tools, Digital-Twin based lifecycle management, Digital-Twin based innovation processes and transformer additive manufacturing;
  • Development of a methodology for knowledge capture and design collaboration and coordination processes for KBE and contributions for the development of design guidelines for socio-technical optimization.
  • Participate in a study about the appropriation of the Digital-Twin technology by industrial companies;

The candidate is required to have a Master degree in Information Science, Information Systems, Informatics Engineering or similar.

The minimum requirement for the profile is fluency in English.

Preference will be given to candidates that have enrolled in a doctoral program in the scientific areas of the grant or similar; have  experience in participating in research projects and at least one scientific publication in a conference or journal with peer-review process.

Scientific advisor: António Lucas Soares

Application period: 25 May 2021 – 9 June 2021.

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