Postdoc researcher in Power Systems (deadline: 29/4/2021)

Porto, Portugal

Postdoc researcher in Power Systems (deadline: 29/4/2021)

Power Systems - DECARBONIZE project

Role overview

Job Description

INESC TEC is looking for a PhD holder to work within the Power and Energy / Power and Energy Systems cluster.

The tasks to be carried out involve the implementation of the DECARBONIZE project, as well as the scientific supervision and postgraduate training of junior researchers of the project, accounting for the scientific production oriented to international journals and conferences. In addition, the researcher should participate in the design and development of innovative market models for energy communities (namely, peer-to-peer), dedicated to promote a greater integration of renewable energy sources in the power and thermal distribution systems. Besides that, it should proceed with the coordination of the areas of energy communities and buildings flexibility modelling among the project partners, as well as identify new opportunities and areas of expertise to explore.

The candidate is required to have a PhD in Electrical Engineering, or similar.

The minimum requirements for the profile are a PhD, and a reduced post-doctoral experience or no scientific experience after the PhD, compatible with the category of junior researcher.

Preference will be given to candidates that have experience of participation, possibly including positions of responsibility in research and development projects in energy markets distribution networks operation; local energy communities; centralized and decentralized market mechanisms to promote renewable energy sources in power and thermal energy networks.

Scientific advisor: David Emanuel Rua.

Application period: 14 April 2021 – 29 April 2021.

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