Researcher in Power Systems/Modelling and Optimization (deadline: 8/6/2021)

Porto, Portugal

Researcher in Power Systems/Modelling and Optimization (deadline: 8/6/2021)

Power Systems

Role overview

Job Description

INESC TEC is looking for a Master holder to work within the Power and Energy / Power and Energy Systems cluster.

The tasks to be carried out are:

  • Definition of concepts associated with power community and grid operation;
  • identification of strategies for technical and economic operation of communities;
  • design and implementation of management and control mechanisms for power communities that support cooperative systems for electric system resilience;
  • simulation and testing of optimization and control algorithms for power communities;
  • writing technical (e.g., progress reports) and scientific (e.g., conference and journal papers) documentation

The candidate is required to have a Bachelor and Master degree in Electrical engineering, informatics, computer science or similar.

The minimum requirements for the profile are bachelor’s and master’s average of bachelor’s and master’s degree above 13; knowledge of data analysis; basic knowledge of machine learning methods.

Preference will be given to candidates that have experience in the design and implementation of energy community management mechanisms,  knowledge of distributed management and control systems,  publications in a conference or peer-reviewed journal.

Scientific advisor: David Emanuel Rua.

Application period: 25 May 2021 – 8 June 2021.

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