13/01/2022: Deep Tech: what is and why it matters (Ep.2 The Insider), Info Days on Missions and Agriculture, Sustainable energy calls for projects, Nuclear energy, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Deep Tech: what it is and why it matters (Episode 2 – The Insider);
– Save the date: Info-days for EU Missions to take place between 18 and 19 January 2022;
– Online Info Day on the 2022 AGRI Calls for Proposals;
– EU-Catalyst Partnership: Request for proposals of pioneering green technology projects is launched;
– First episode of the All-Atlantic Talks Podcast;
– 25% of EU electricity production from nuclear sources;
– Choosing between data security and data sharing should not be an option;
– Put co-innovation at the heart of EU green third-party relations;

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