08/03/2022: Brazil joins CERN, CORDIS info pack on ocean and waters, European Regions for Smart Communities 2022, Tackling gender equality in R&I, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Restore our ocean and waters: a synergy info pack by CORDIS;
– Many European research councils and RTOs make public their positions on Ukraine war and on research;
– The missing link of science in policy;
– Brazil joins CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research;
– The pandemic two years on – what consequences for international cooperation?;
– Exploring transformative policy imaginaries for a sustainable Post-COVID society;
– INOV’s Communication and Cybersecurity Director’s Interview on Cyberattacks;
– Tackling gender equality in R&I;
– European University Association suspends Russian members over pro-war statement;
– European Regions for Smart Communities 2022;
– How Europe can reduce its dependence on fossil gas;
– European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy;
– Ukraine war could further disrupt semiconductor production;
– Reading suggestion: The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine – Serhii Plokhy.

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