23/02/2022: The Insider podcast with Susana Cardoso Freitas (INESC MN), INOV publication on wildfire smoke detection, ESFRI 20th anniversary conference, JRC-RTD Online workshop, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Deep Tech: Driving the Digital Transition – Microsystems and Nanotech with Susana Cardoso Freitas (INESC MN);
– Automatic early detection of wildfire smoke with visible light cameras using deep learning and visual explanation – INOV;
– ESFRI 20th anniversary conference: European Research Infrastructures at the heart of scientific discoveries;
– JRC-RTD Online workshop – “Share your views – How to support and connect policymaking in the EU and Member States with scientific research”;
– Deep Sea Mining Summit 2022;
– European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) Conference 2022;
– European Investment Bank and Solas Capital join forces to invest in energy efficiency in buildings across the European Union;
– Discussion begins in Brussels over science sanctions in Russia;
– ENEA develops new method to synthesize molecules in tomato and yeast to cure maculopathies;
– Vaccine patent standoff at EU-Africa Summit;
– European Green Deal: Commission consults on reducing the release of microplastics into the environment;
– Regional innovation gap could hinder delivery of EU research missions;
– Energy grid operators rule out ‘all electric’ scenario for Europe;
– EIT opens database on its work;
– Commission opens €292 million call for digital technologies and cybersecurity;
– Chips Act unveiled: The (real) cost of making semiconductors.

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21/04/2021: EU Climate Law, GDPR for health, ERC applications boom, technology sovereignty, digital transition, research careers, and research impact in policy

In today’s Morning Brief: EU reaches a deal on the European Climate Law | Data protection in health care and health research | ERC receives record number of Starting Grants applications in first round of Horizon Europe | CEOs call for €100B technology sovereignty fund | Digital Maturity Tool and the Innovation Radar | German Research Foundation adopts charter of principles for young research careers | EARMA Policy session: The research impact agenda and its influence on institutional strategies in the European and wider international context

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