26/10/2021: Registration is open for two of our workshops regarding Health Technologies and Agro, Food and Forestry, COP26 is fast approaching, and more

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Scientists Identify Biotech Techniques to Improve Space Agriculture;
– Action Plan to Conserve Fisheries Resources and Protect Marine Ecosystems – Targeted Consultation;
– WG Agro, Food and Forestry Workshop – 2 December 2021;
– WG Health Technologies Workshop – 3 November 2021;
– EIC Summit: Registration is now open;
– EC Workshop on Green Deal funded projects – 27 October;
– CO26 Climate Summit: A Scientists’ Guide to a Momentous Meeting.

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29/6/2021: New cybersecurity centre, Ecosystems report, Research support staff, Energy, Open Data, Rural areas opinion survey

– EU cybersecurity research centre ready to launch
– [Report] Measuring what ecosystems do for us: new report on ecosystem services in the EU
– [Analysis] Technical staff left out as PhDs drive academic hierarchy
– Webinar on Iberian Electricity Market Simulation
– EU Open Data Days
– Long-term vision for rural areas: Commission publishes public opinion survey on rural areas

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