15/02/2022: Workshop with INESC Coimbra and EURO WG, EU Green Taxonomy, INESC INOV in SPARTA, 20 years of the Euro, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– EURO Working Group on Behavioral O.R. – Spring Workshop 2022 with INESC Coimbra;
– EU Green Taxonomy: nuclear and gas are included;
– Training data stewards for life sciences;
– Connecting the dots: Interoperability in the field of educational technology;
– Eurostars joint transnational call for proposals – March 2022;
– Farm to Fork Q&A – new rules for micro-organisms used in plant protection products;
– European Conference H2020RTR – results from road transport research in H2020 projects;
– INESC INOV in SPARTA: workshop on the European cybersecurity Competence Centre;
– 7th Republic of Korea-EU Joint Science and Technological Cooperation Committee Meeting;
– MEPs commemorate 20 years of Euro banknotes and coins;
– EU in balancing act over carbon border levy, industry concerns;

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04/11/2021: EU calls for Excellence Hubs, ERA Chairs and others, EIT, COP26 updates and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Commission launches new tool to digitalise work-based learning and boost educators digital competences;
– Calls for Excellence Hubs opened yesterday;
– COP26: US lays out its plan to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 ;
– EIT supports the New European Bauhaus with €5 million;
– Commission, Ukraine, Turkey, and Republic of Moldova working closer in research, innovation and education;
– Portugal launches €250M programme to boost tech transfer in universities;
– EC, Breakthrough Energy Catalyst and EIB Partnership in Climate;
– Open Discussion on the Mission Adaptation to Climate Change.

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26/04/2021: EIT NCPs, AI in education, pact for R&I, New European Bauhaus, CAPs simplified, Climate change board, and space & quantum research ban

In today’s Morning Brief: EIT NCPs as information multipliers for EIT Community opportunities | Commission calls for experts in AI and Data in education | Public Consultation on the “Pact for research & innovation in Europe”
New European Bauhaus Competition | New rules to simplify CAPs | EU to establish climate change science advisory board | Universities across Europe urge EU to remove threat of research ban on Israel, UK and Switzerland

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