07/04/2022: European Biotech Week 2022, DBE Lunch Seminar, Fossil Fuels, Radiation, Childhood Cancer, Green Deal, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– European Biotech Week 2022;
– DBE Lunch Seminar: An Engineering perspective on 5P Medicine – Current research and a roadmap proposal;
– Commission’s Technical Support Instrument to help 17 Member States curb their reliance on Russian fossil fuels;
– Ensuring radiation protection: Commission takes Portugal to court to guarantee citizens’ protection from ionising radiation-exposure risks;
– Childhood cancer experts urge inclusion of UK and Swiss researchers in EU projects;
– Commission presents a new strategy to become climate-neutral by 2030;
– Green Deal: Modernising EU industrial emissions rules to steer large industry in long-term green transition;
– NASA plays down Russia’s threat to halt International Space Station cooperation.

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27/10/2021: Sixth report on the State of the Energy Union, Maria Leptin takes up post as Head of the ERC, COP26, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Sixth Report on the State of the Energy Union;

– Science Europe Panel: Empowering Policy Makers with Informed Scientific Knowledge to Address the Climate Crisis;
– As COP26 Approaches, European Universities lag on Fossil Fuel Divestment;
– Maria Leptin takes up post as Head of the ERC;
– European Academies call for more equitable Access Publishing;
– New €1.5 Billion Call for Green Technology Demonstrators.

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