02/02/2022: Deep tech in the agrisector, , Digital Identitity, Research Infrastructures, Ethics in ERC, Lump sum funding and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Deep Tech in the Agrisector – a podcast episode with Armando Fernandes (INOV);
– ICRI – International Conference on Research Infrastructures;
– Ethics in ERC projects, Seminar, 17 February;
– Member States break European Innovation Council’s work programme deadlock;
– Renewables on the rise, coal continuously falling;
– Plans for lump-sum funding in Horizon Europe move forward amid scepticism;
– Digital Identity: Leveraging the SSI Concept to Build Trust;
– Identification and assessment of existing and draft EU legislation in the digital field;
– Turning harmful CO2 into useful chemicals;
– High electricity prices, renewables and windfall profits – all paid for by EU citizens.

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