27/04/2022: World IP Day, EU Missions Info Day, AI Act, New European Innovation Agenda, ERC awards, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– World Intellectual Property Day 2022 – INESC TEC;
– EU charges too much for too little IP protection, auditors say;
– “Treme-treme”: a Lisbon-based experience by INESC ID;
– Save the date: EU Missions Info Days to take place this May;
– French Presidency pushes for alignment with the new legislative framework in AI Act;
– Andreas Wichert’s new Art & Technology exhibit at IST;
– Germany’s Helmholtz Institute opens new site for one health research;
– Have your say on the development of the New European Innovation Agenda;
– UK-based researchers win big in latest ERC awards – but may have to relocate to keep their grants;
– New insights into the success and failure of competitive research proposals;
– The Ecosystem: Challenging tech? There’s a sandbox for that;
– The EU and China have signed an administrative arrangement to support cooperation.

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12/04/2022: NeuralShift, INESC TEC in the Azores, Science for Policy in Portugal, EuroScience Open Forum 2022, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– UK institutions win £15 million government bid to develop software for world’s largest radio telescope;
– Finland appoints experts to create a long-term R&I investment plan;
– OPEC tells EU it’s not possible to replace potential Russian oil supply loss;
– NeuralShift: Spinning-off Artificial Intelligence;
– INESC TEC carried out scientific monitoring of the seismic-volcanic activity on the Azores;
– Science for Policy in Portugal;
– EU strengthens climate and energy cooperation with Egypt in view of COP27;
– EuroScience Open Forum 2022;
– European Commission and European Patent Office (EPO) co-organise annual conference of PATLIB centres;
– UK to finalise world’s first subsidy for clean hydrogen production by end of the year.

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08/04/2022: ‘The Insider’, EIC Women Leadership Programme, Societal Transformations in the Digital Age, Wind and Nuclear Energy, Military Research, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– ‘The Insider’ – new episode featuring Carlos Henggeler, INESC Coimbra’s President;
– EIC awards €145 million in challenge-drive call for research projects;
– EU space agency calls on space innovators to aid humanitarian efforts in Ukraine;
– Societal Transformations in the Digital Age: Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research in Horizon Europe;

– FAO launches new phase of agriculture policy initiative with $11 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;
– New EUFOMA Talk: From Revolution to Evolution – The Fishery and Aquaculture Market in a Post COVID-19 World;
– Open Call – EIC Women Leadership Programme;
– Should scientists study how to dim the sun?;

– INESC-ID welcomes EMBL Olissipo Researchers;
– Converting wastewater into clean water: The AFTERLIFE project presents its results;
– UK unveils wind and nuclear focused energy plan following gas price hikes;
– The economic benefits of climate action will outweigh the costs, IPCC report finds;
– Science goes to war: Western allies step up collaboration in military research;
– New European Bauhaus: Commission launches ‘NEB LAB’ with new projects;

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31/03/2022: INESC-ID recognised in rankings, EU Green Week 2022, ERC and the pandemic, Data Governance Act, Green packaging, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– INESC-ID researchers recognised in Research.com rankings;
– ERC and the pandemic: evaluations and grant management during this period;
– Do you know ORE: the database for publications originating in H2020 and Horizon Europe;
– EU Green Week 2022: EU Green Deal – Make it Real;
– EU now member of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission;
– German Research Foundation puts €38 million in nine new research teams;
– Data Governance Act: at a glance;
– Green Deal package for sustainable products;
– EU and US come to ‘agreement principle’ on data flows;
– Trans-European energy infrastructure: at a glance;
– EfVET magazine: innovation and challenges in Vocational Education and Training (VET);
– KELP-EU: ‘Kelping’ the EU;
– EU countries bet on floating LNG terminals to raise import capacity.

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16/03/2022: Renewal of AER agreement, INESC TEC develops autonomous robot, NeuralShift, a spinoff of INESC-ID, European Growth Model, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Greater networking collaboration between Asia-Pacific and Europe with renewal of AER agreement;
– Ukraine: EU agrees fourth package of restrictive measures against Russia;
– CEF Energy: New call for cross-border renewable energy projects;
– Russian participation in ITER nuclear fusion project ‘not an easy subject’ in wake of invasion;
– Towards a green, digital and resilient economy: the European Growth Model;
– Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) postdoc fellowship results postponed;
– EU Summit draft backs urgent refiling of gas stores for next winter;
– INESC TEC develops autonomous robot to prevent pests, diseases and insects on mountain vineyards;
– NeuralShift, a new spinoff of INESC-ID;
– UK extends Horizon Europe guarantee until end of 2022.

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03/03/2022: OLISSIPO Twin Seminar III, EU suspends payments to Russia, updated summaries of EU recovery plans, Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– OLISSIPO Twin Seminar III – Protein driven ML and network approaches;
– Commission invites interested parties to share views on the Revision of the Detergents Regulation;
– EU suspends research payments to Russian partners;
– Improving citizens’ participation in cancer screening programmes will help save lives, EU Chief Scientific Advisors recommend;
– INESC-ID featured in the March 2022 issue of Exame Informática;
– Viewpoint: The science world should keep talking to Russia;
– EU Innovation Consultants update summary of EU recovery plans;
– #EU4Health Calls for Proposals – Info Session;
– LEAK: EU drafts plan to ditch Russian gas;
– TinyML Enabling Low-Power Inferencing, Analytics at the Edge;
– Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy, fires employees.

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01/03/2022: First issue of OLISSIPO newsletter is out, Solidarity with Ukrainian researchers, latest IPCC report, Gender inequality in digital, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– First issue of the OLISSIPO newsletter now available;
– Solidarity with Ukrainian researchers;
– 2nd Pan-European Cruise Dialogue: the road to sustainable cruise tourism;
– The view from Kyiv: Head of Ukraine’s research agency calls for international help;
– Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems (AnaEE) granted European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) status;
– EU ministers consider speeding up connection of Ukraine’s electricity grid to EU’s;

– Lithuania to call for Russia and Belarus ban from European higher education forum;
– Urgent need to adapt to massive impacts of climate change highlighted in latest IPCC report;
– Addressing gender equalities crucial to closing digital gaps, say Commission officials;

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25/02/2022: Online Advanced Course on Biomedical Imaging, INESC-ID’s back-to-back publications in AI, EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2022, R&I sanctions on Russia, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Online Advanced Course on Biomedical Imaging 2022;
– German universities told to freeze ties with Russia in retaliation for invasion;
– From player’s strategies to natural language interactions: two back-to-back publications in “Videogame Sciences and Arts” by INESC-ID researchers;
– ‘Nord Stream 2 is dead forever’, EU energy experts say;
– EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2022;
– French National Centre for Scientific Research is celebrating 15 of European Research Council;
– Survey for European Innovation Council beneficiaries;
– Ukrainian universities suspend campus activities in the wake of Russian invasion;
– Commission publishes delegated acts ending the use of mercury in lamps;
– Fit for 55: A stepping stone or a stumbling block?;
– How to celebrate extraordinary women: #EUwomen4future campaign seminar;
– Could the EU be on the cusp of a Paris Agreement for the Internet?

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17/02/2022: INESC-ID AI research, a new science TV channel?, International Cooperation, UT Austin Portugal, European Chips Survey, EU cooperation with Colombia and Africa, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– INESC-ID Artificial Intelligence researchers ranked as some of the best in Europe;
– CNRS: a TV channel dedicated to science, EU grants, more collaboration with partners in Africa;
– International Cooperation: UK goes it alone, EU brings South Korea and New Zealand to the table;
– UT Austin Portugal Program commemorates its 15th anniversary;
– EU ministers to discuss Commission’s defense R&D roadmap at Paris conference;
– European Chips Survey: Stakeholder survey on European chips demand;
– Restore our Oceans and Waters, a Synergy Info Pack by CORDIS;
– European Commission joins forces with African partners to promote circular economy;
– EU and Colombia step up cooperation for nature, climate and sustainable development;
– How can the EU help those touched by energy poverty?;
– Switzerland seeks to join EU’s Copernicus Earth observation programme;
– France confirms ‘European climate conference’ in March, with objectives still unclear.

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