INESC P&D Brazil

06/04/2022: EIC programme managers, EU Geopolitics of Technology, AI, INESC MN Seminar, EIC Accelerator, Energy Consumption, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– European Innovation Council hires four new programme managers;
– Europe in the new Geopolitics of Technology;
– Consolidation, development and internationalisation: The goals of INESC P&D Brazil for 2022;
– EU still behind on AI, but not as much as feared;
– Doctoral education in Europe: Current developments and trends;
– Supply shock caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine puts strain on various EU agri-food sectors;
– Cost of gas storage refill will be evenly spread, EU assures;
– The fight for truth;
– INESC MN 2022 Seminar Series: Dr. Elisabete Fernandes;
– Research community calls for non-profits to be exempt from upcoming EU digital rules;
– EIT Health-supported start-up attains CE mark;
– Continued strong demand for European Innovation Council Accelerator in first cut-off in 2022;
– An IoT-based real-time management of energy consumption.

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21/03/2022: The Insider, Space research, Widening, biodiversity, Mediterranean Forest Week, Energy, Green Deal, EU mapping of Technology Centres, 10-year anniversary of INESC P&D Brazil & more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– “The Insider” – New episode is out!;
– INESC TEC and INEGI renew Advanced Program in Industry 4.0;
– 130 million euros to enhance research in Widening countries;
– European Space Agency and top organisations pile on extra sanctions against Russia;
– Biodiversity: Commission seeks views on strengthening actions to reverse the decline of pollinating insects;
– France awards almost €46 million to 73 innovation projects;
– 7th Mediterranean Forest Week;
– Why natural gas is neither just nor transitional;
– EU mapping of Technology Centres focused on Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI);
– Public sector capacity building for innovation and industrialisation in developing countries;
– 10 year anniversary of INESC P&D Brazil;
– EU executive split on ‘suspending’ Green Deal goals in farming due to food security fears;
– Event: What will Europe’s Digital Economy look like after the DSA?.

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