21/12/2023 – EU budget uncertainty, the French research revamp, HUB’s new AI Report, 2023 rewind in R&I & much more

In today’s Morning Brief:
EU launches €84M calls to strengthen AI and cybersecurity
EU Blue Champions: advancing ocean recovery projects with EIB support
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
AI in Science: evolving regulations and opportunities for INESC Institutes – insights from the HUB’s Intelligence Report
AI disruption: empowering boards to navigate strategic evolution
European Research Council issues warning on AI’s use in grant applications
New Wind Charter and national wind pledges underline ambition for wind power in Europe
Robotics transform: opening opportunities for European factories with flexible materials
Research & Innovation
2023 Knowledge Valorisation campaign – Making research results work for society
How to make a European research framework programme
Replay 2023: The most significant research and innovation happenings of the year
Emmanuel Macron announces ambitious research reforms
European Research Executive Agency ‘s impact: facilitating EU R&I in 2023
New EIC Board members appointed
Assessing the impact of EU research grants: the Horizon 2020 effect on firm-level outcomes
Foresight analysis: informing Horizon Europe’s 2nd strategic plan
Proposed Horizon cut stuck as EU leaders fail to reach budget review deal
CESAER launches recommendations on Horizon Europe missions
INESC MN secures 2.58M euros as certified technology and innovation center
INESC-ID Leads Horizon Europe’s SHIFT2DC Project: Advancing DC Solutions in Europe
INESC TEC facilitating digital transformation at Banco Português de Fomento
INESC TEC’s contribution to IFishCan, the award-winning food waste reduction project
Job Opportunities
Events & Training workshops

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15/12/2023 – AI’s transformative impact on scientific research, agreement reached to improve research careers, new interregional funding mechanism for innovation & much more

In today’s Morning Brief:
European Innovation Council (EIC) 2024 work program: less budget, overall continuity and €1.2 billion for strategic technologies
MSCA Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes
Concerns arise over RD&I cuts in Horizon Europe: EARTO’s warning
European Council endorses Multiannual Financial Framework Revision: president Michel’s statement
CHIPS Joint Undertaking amends work programme 2023 and opens call for pilot lines
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Commission’s Policy Brief Explores AI’s Role in Revolutionizing Science and Innovation
AI Act agreement gets mixed reaction from European tech
European Research Executive Agency: AI’s Role in Shaping Europe’s Future
Commission welcomes deal on electricity market reform
Industry calls for more transatlantic cooperation in semiconductor research
Research & Innovation
2023 EU Industrial R&D Scoreboard is out
Horizon programme: a catalyst for remarkable business growth in Europe
EU countries agree on steps to attract and retain research talent
Commission publishes foresight report paving the way for Horizon Europe’s next Strategic Plan
MEPs agree position on EU Health Data Space to boost research
Concerns arise over RD&I cuts in Horizon Europe: EARTO’s warning
Concerns arise over RD&I cuts in Horizon Europe: EARTO’s warning
European Council endorses Multiannual Financial Framework Revision: president Michel’s statement
EU leaders advance accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova
Exploring INOV’s strategic engagement in ECP’s ceramic and crystal agenda
Vanguard Initiative Introduces VInnovate: A New Interregional Funding Mechanism for Innovation
INESC TEC’s robots already traverse the vineyards of Douro
Job Opportunities
Events & Training workshops

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08/12/2023 – Manuel Heitor leads the advisory group for FP10, accelerating the clean tech transition at the COP 28, €337M call for new research infrastructures & much more

In today’s Morning Brief:
€337 million to fund new Research Infrastructures projects
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
ERC warns researchers on use of AI in proposals

EU Energy Days at COP28 reaffirm commitment to clean energy transition
New Report: Food 2030 Research and Innovation – Pathways for action 2.0
Commission consults citizens and stakeholders on evaluation of the Nitrates Directive
EU launches chips partnership with €1.7B for pilot lines
UK innovation agency lists 50 most promising emerging technologies
Research & Innovation
Manuel Heitor to lead advisory group for EU’s next research program
Study supporting the assessment of EU missions and the review of mission areas
Launch of EU Science Diplomacy Working Groups: Results of call for expressions of interest published
EU and Greenland sign strategic partnership on sustainable raw materials value chains
United Kingdom joins Horizon Europe and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
ELIXIR publishes its new scientific programme
INOV spotlights IRIS Tools: advancing IoT and AI cybersecurity
INESC-ID contributes in advancing adult reading with intelligent systems
INESC TEC aims to streamline the offshore wind energy ecosystem
Job Opportunities
Events & Training workshops

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01/11/2023 – Lisbon crowned European Capital of Innovation, Canada´s association to Horizon Europe, €75.35B boost to the ERA, new energy projects for the Green Deal & much more

In today’s Morning Brief:
Calls open for 2023 Innovation Fund proposals with record €4B budget
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to develop the Smart Specialization Observatory
Fighting extreme weather with extreme computing power
Commission proposes 166 cross-border energy projects for EU support to help deliver the European Green Deal
Commission sets out actions to accelerate the roll-out of electricity grids
EU and India sign semiconductor memorandum of understanding
Research & Innovation
Canada to sign Horizon Europe association deal next year
No more New European Bauhaus Mission
Nature-inspired flying robots: advancements in environmental monitoring
Over €75B of the recovery funds will go to European Research Area objectives
Lisbon crowned European capital of innovation for 2023
Maria Leptin’s perspectives on university challenges and innovation
EU’s Industrial R&D Scoreboard updates
RTP3 features INOV’s AI-integrated inspection system in RiaStone production
APPRAISE system: INOV contributes to enhancing security in public spaces through innovative technology
INESC TEC collaborates on a European project that promotes the use of algae in sustainable aquaculture
INESC TEC’s podcast among the nominees for a national award
Job Opportunities
Events & Training workshops

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05/05/2022: INESC Brussels HUB Summer Meeting 2022, Lisbon Machine Learning School, Health Data, Fisheries in Portugal, Carnegie Mellon University, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– INESC Brussels HUB Summer Meeting 2022;
– The 12th Lisbon Machine Learning School – LxMLS 2022;
– Universities welcome new health data regulation but urge EU to go further;
– New European Bauhaus: Five lighthouse projects to be financed across Europe;
– Commission wants GDPR+ protection to facilitate health data revolution;
– Euronews OCEAN – Innovation in fisheries in Portugal;
– EDMO 2022 Annual Conference;
– ‘Europe is never going to be capable of producing its own hydrogen in sufficient quantities’: EU climate chief;
– CMU Portugal Visiting Students Program: Call for up to 8 visits to CMU in 2022;
– DIGI-HE Workshop 2: Developing a high-performance digital education ecosystem – Institutional self-assessment.

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13/04/2022: Low-carbon technologies, New European Bauhaus, NATO and cyber security, AI in Bulgaria, Lisbon Machine Learning School, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– EU sets out plan for developing and scaling up low carbon technologies;
– EIT to fund 20 companies in New European Bauhaus drive;
– Protecting the most vulnerable must be foremost in addressing economic fallout of war in Ukraine;
– Webinar: Avoiding errors in declaring personnel costs in Horizon 2020 grants;
– ERC issues ultimatum telling 150 UK-based grant holders to move to the EU;
– The Ecosystem: Fab labs can also make start-ups;
– Info-day for Horizon Europe’s WIDERA programme;
– Environmental Information and Data Management in the Marine Environement (INESC TEC);
– Bulgaria launches AI centre to woo science and tech talent;
– The 12th Lisbon Machine Learning School will take place in July with CMU Portugal support (INESC ID);
– Fighting scientific disinformation: A first Europe-wide online course launches;
– NATO’s role in global cyber security;
– Commission research chief eyes role as EU ambassador to Japan.

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08/04/2022: ‘The Insider’, EIC Women Leadership Programme, Societal Transformations in the Digital Age, Wind and Nuclear Energy, Military Research, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– ‘The Insider’ – new episode featuring Carlos Henggeler, INESC Coimbra’s President;
– EIC awards €145 million in challenge-drive call for research projects;
– EU space agency calls on space innovators to aid humanitarian efforts in Ukraine;
– Societal Transformations in the Digital Age: Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research in Horizon Europe;

– FAO launches new phase of agriculture policy initiative with $11 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation;
– New EUFOMA Talk: From Revolution to Evolution – The Fishery and Aquaculture Market in a Post COVID-19 World;
– Open Call – EIC Women Leadership Programme;
– Should scientists study how to dim the sun?;

– INESC-ID welcomes EMBL Olissipo Researchers;
– Converting wastewater into clean water: The AFTERLIFE project presents its results;
– UK unveils wind and nuclear focused energy plan following gas price hikes;
– The economic benefits of climate action will outweigh the costs, IPCC report finds;
– Science goes to war: Western allies step up collaboration in military research;
– New European Bauhaus: Commission launches ‘NEB LAB’ with new projects;

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20/9/2021: Work as an Expert, State of the Union address – key R&I issues, Tech and Strategic Autonomy, European Health Union, New EU Bauhaus, Meat Atlas, Elections that will define the Future of Europe

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Work as an expert – European Defence Fund
– State of the Union address by the President of the EC: key takeaways for R&I
– Technology sovereignty in practice: EC pushes chip building and cyberdefence
– Shaping and securing the EU’s Open Strategic Autonomy by 2040 and beyond
– European Health Union and the new HERA (European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority)
– €85M investment in 2022 for New European Bauhaus project
– Meat Atlas: facts and figures about the animals we eat
– The elections that will define the future of Europe and the EU PermReps dancing chairs

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