04/05/2022: INESC MN Summer Internships, EUA Webinar, Portugal-Luxembourg Forum, Climate Policy, Research Assessment, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Conference on the Future of Europe proposals list demands for R&I and education;
– INESC MN Summer Internships;
– ‘Money time’ for EU carbon market reform in the European Parliament;
– German research leaders say no to harmonised research assessment;
– Industrial Decarbonisation and beyond: CCUS perspectives in Europe and the role of ECCSEL ERIC European Research Infrastructure;
– Commission appoints deputy Director General for its digital policy department;
– EUA Webinar – Greening and environmental sustainability: How universities can lead this major transformation;
– New Biomaterial could save our oceans from plastic pollution;
– EU body sets out draft sustainability disclosure standards;
– Portugal-Luxembourg Economic Forum;
– European Commission report on implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning Directive;
– Europe Open Doors 2022 – Meet REA projects and researchers;
– Starting gun fired on new battle over genetically engineered crops;
– Education for Climate Policy and Practice Forum;
– SymbNET PhD Summer School on host-microbe symbioses.

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18/01/2022: Hydrogen in debate (Science Business and INESC TEC), Research careers in Spain, Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform, EU Industry Days 2022, EIC Horizon Prize.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– H-factor: Will European R&D catalyse the clean hydrogen era?;
– Spain to consult citizens on research careers reform;
– European Green Deal: Zero Pollution Stakeholder Platform kicks off;
– EU Industry Days 2022;
– EIC Horizon Prize on Early Warning for Epidemics was awarded;
– Australian start-up wants to fight deforestation with drones;
– EU advisers concerned about plan for green labels on gas, nuclear investments.

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07/01/2022: Energy Transition Expertise Workshop, French EU presidency conference on R&I, Hydrogen wells, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Energy Transition Expertise Centre Stakeholder Workshop;
– ‘Liquid tree’ in Belgrade fighting back against air pollution;
– France to hold EU presidency conference on international cooperation in R&I;
– Hydrogen could be taken straight from the ground;
– Europe needs to understand Chinese research – or risks being exploited.

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