Social Innovation

24/05/2021: Registrations open for the HUB spring meeting, EU Maritime Day, EU nature restoration, EU Social Economic Summit, and non-EU countries out of sensitive EU R&D projects

In today’s Morning Brief: INESC Brussels HUB spring meeting (1-2 June 2021) | European Maritime Day 2021: Towards a sustainable blue economy and ocean literacy | New handbook to help develop European nature restoration targets | European Social Economic Summit | Brussels stands firm on plan to limit foreign access to ‘sensitive’ R&D projects

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15/04/2021: HUB’s training videos, nanotechnology infrastructures event, Open Science, European Social Innovation, and Green Hydrogen for industry

In today’s Morning Brief: Morning Brief – 15 April
New training videos on Horizon Europe available | Workshop on R&T Infrastructures for Nanotechnology | Open Science in Horizon Europe | Launch of the 2021 European Social Innovation Competition | ITRE paves the way to EP’s approval of Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and European Defence Fund | Green hydrogen to decarbonise EU industry

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