INESC TEC helps to develop new concept and business models to improve energy performance contracting

AmBIENCe innovated in terms of energy performance contracting: the purpose of the project was to reduce the CO2 emissions of buildings by introducing the flexible use of energy sources combined with electrification and demand response. This led to the concept of AEPC – Active building Energy Performance Contracting. “Throughout the project, by combining energy performance contracting with […]

European Research Council awards €1.5M grant to INESC TEC researcher


One of the most prestigious scientific research grants has just been awarded to researcher Bruno Loff, who will receive €1.5M by the European Research Council (ERC). The research grant will support the research in the field of Computational Complexity. In practical terms, it’s a field of computing theory that “aims to understand which computational resources […]

IN THE BLACK: A new era of Ocean Exploration

IN THE BLACK A new era of ocean exploration  This year we are celebrating 5 editions of IN THE BLACK! During these 5 years we had the chance to experience major breakthroughs in Ocean Exploration, namely: the opportunities for underwater technologies; the challenges of deep-sea mining; the safety of people and the planet; and the impact […]

Beyond Compliance: Forum on Digital Ethics in Research October 17/18, 2022

Beyond Compliance: Forum on Digital Ethics in Research October 17/18, 2022 Institut Imagine, Paris and online Researchers in digital sciences face tough ethical questions in their daily activity for which there aren’t yet consensual answers among the research community. The forum “Beyond Compliance” aims at advancing the discussion about those issues. The target audience is […]

31/05/2022: BioData.PT Session 3, EU AI Law, European Sustainable Energy Week, LIFE Awards 2022 Winners, EU Green Deal, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– BioData.PT Talks Session 3: Recent Artificial Intelligence Tools and Architectures for Structural Biology;
– EUA Policy Input: Considerations for a “European Degree”;
– Putting Science into Standards;
– The EU AI law will not be future-proof unless it regulates general purpose AI systems;
– European Sustainable Energy Week: Going green and digital for Europe’s energy transition;
– European Commission reveals winners of LIFE Awards 2022;
– Interact with statistics for the European Green Deal;
– EU countries urged to prepare for Russian gas cut: Summit draft.

30/05/2022: INESC TEC Workshop, EU Cancer Plan, Eurostat, Defunct Satellites, Hydrogen, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– INESC TEC coordinated a workshop on Machine Learning;
– Access to financial products for persons with a history of cancer in EU Member States;
– Eurostat regional yearbook: From traditional printed publication to modern interactive tool;
– ‘World-first’ project for capturing defunct satellites ramps up;
– Hydrogen: BAM sets up digitally networked research filling station to increase safety of technology;
– EFCA coordinates EU efforts to monitor the bluefin tuna fishing season;
– Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook Workshop – Report;
– Commission outlines defence R&D priorities in new €924M work programme.

26/05/2022: INESC-ID research grants, new MSCA platform, Horizon Europe UK backup, REPowerEU, Fit for 55, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– INESC-ID: Nuno Lopes receives research grants from Google and Woven Alpha;
– EU ramping up efforts for strategic autonomy in raw materials;
– Laurence Moreau appointed head of the ERC executive agency;
– Event: The UK’s Position in Global Science and Innovation;
– New MSCA networking platform for future applicants;
– Application system opens for UK Horizon backup grants;
– Fraunhofer elects three new executive vice-presidents;
– FaST Navigator study identifies models necessary to provide accurate advice on the use of fertilisers to EU farmers;
– Germany’s pacifist universities pose obstacle to militarisation of EU R&D;
– Webinar: The European Standardisation Booster;
– MSCA Cluster event on Mission Ocean and Waters;
– REPowerEU: Commission establishes the EU Energy Platform Task Force to secure alternative supplies;
– Horizon Europe mission on carbon-neutral cities kicks into gear;
– Fit for 55: New EU carbon sink goal will increase 2030 reduction target;
– A new Blue Economy Observatory to monitor and promote the sustainability of our ocean related activities;
– Zero Pollution Monitoring and Outlook Workshop – Report.

25/05/2022: EIC rules for international partnerships, ERC Proof of Concept Grants, Horizon Europe Info Days, EUA Webinar.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– Portugal Day Celebration in Brussels 2022;
– The small things make a big difference in the science of measurement;
– Universities fear EIC rules for intellectual property impede knowledge transfer;
– ERC announces winners of Proof of Concept grants;
– Ukraine invasion spurs EU push to associate the democratic world to Horizon Europe;
– Horizon Europe Info Days;
– The role of Technology Infrastructures in the new Pact for Research and Innovation;
– Get Digital: Go Green and Be Resilient;
– Countries that don’t reciprocate scientific openness will be ‘cut off’ says head of the European Research Council;
– Waste and Recycling: Commission seeks views on revision of the Waste Framework Directive;
– European Commission and International Energy Agency in a common bid to reduce EU reliance on Russian fossil fuels;
– Research organisations get closer to a consensus on assessment reform;
– Minho Advanced Computing Center: MUG 2022;
– Webinar II: Fostering scientific literacy – Universities and the future of science communication.

24/05/2022: European Partnerships under Horizon Europe, INESC TEC, OECD-EARTO Joint Study, EIT Summit, and more.

In today’s Morning Brief:
– First report on the performance of European Partnerships under Horizon Europe;
– INESC TEC won a competition at National Robotics Festival;
– OECD-EARTO Joint Study – The contribution of RTOs to socio-economic recovery, resilience and transitions;
– EU must define raw material needs in transition from Russian energy, EIT summit hears;
– Commission presents a Therapeutics Innovation Booster to identify and support new treatments for COVID-19;
– New DFG position paper on Academic Publishing and Research Assessment;
– “Wake up!” – EU-funded project calls on young citizens to engage in co-creating sustainable and greener cities;
– EARTO Case Studies on Technology Infrastructures;
– Social Climate Fund: Parliament’s ideas for a just energy transition;