12/04/2021: Open Science, Renewable energy report, Marine Directive review, Digital security, and Horizon EU webinar,

In today’s Morning Brief: €30 million project lays down foundation for new European science cloud | Renewable energy exceeds fossil fuel energy in 2020 | EC roadmap to protect seas and oceans | Security in the digital age: how can the public and private sectors combine to drive innovation? | Horizon EU Webinar: “Financial rules of Horizon Europe in comparison to H2020” by EMDESK

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09/04/2021: Cybersecurity funding, Rural European Innovation Area, CAPs, data protection in health tech, health hackathon, pool patents, global taxes, and the future of green hydrogen

In today’s Morning Brief: €134 million euros for cybersecurity in 2021 and 2022 | Manifesto for a Rural European Innovation Area backed by Commissioner Gabryel | Ageing and Common Agricultural Policies | Data protections rules ‘harming EU leadership’ in health research | Webinar on patent pools | Data 4 Healthy Recovery Hackathon | Global taxes and economic growth | Deep-dive: Future of green hydrogen in Europe

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