Science Business

10/6/2021: New INESC article on Science|Business, exclusive Horizon Europe guide, Horizon Europe dissemination, sustainable fishing, forest protection, and the future of CBDC

In today’s Morning Brief: New INESC article published on Science Business: “The AI Act: getting the first step right” || Exclusive Horizon Europe guide now available in the Private Area || Commission webinar on Horizon Europe “Dissemination and Exploitation” || Commission’s annual state of play on sustainable fishing ||
MEPs call for binding measures to protect Europe’s forests || The future of CBDC: new EUBOF report on the possible structures of the digital euro

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1/6/2021: HUB Forestry and Deep Tech events today, HorizonEU webinar, research careers, EuroHPC, energy stakeholders dialogues, single-use plastic, and INESC article on Science|Business

In today’s Morning Brief: INESC Brussels HUB Spring Meeting is here! | New Commission webinar on Horizon Europe | Science ministers commit to improving research careers and agree on €7 billion for EuroHPC | Energy for the Green Deal: a series of on-line stakeholder dialogues | Commission guidance for harmonised application of Single-Use Plastic rules | Reminder: INESC article on Cancer Mission on Science|Business

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28/05/2021: HUB Deep Tech and Forestry events on Tuesday, INESC articles on Science Business, EuroHPC, Horizon Europe delays, and Switzerland leaves EU treaty talks

In today’s Morning Brief: Registrations still open for Deep Tech and Forestry events on Tuesday (1 June 2021) | INESC articles on Science Business | Parliament takes a joint position on EuroHPC and on equal access to public private research partnerships | Concerns over Horizon Europe delays and splits on plan to limit access to R&D projects | Switzerland ditches EU treaty talks, leaving question mark over research ties

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