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In today's Morning Brief:

New INESC article on Science|Business: Tackling the challenges facing European industry

A new article by INESC has been published this morning on Science|Business. The article, titled Tackling the challenges facing European industry, illustrates the challenges that European industry needs to face at the moment, and brings INESC’s approach to innovation as an example for an integrated solution to these challenges.

This is the sixth and final article of the series of articles agreed with Science|Business. The series aimed at positioning INESC at the core of the discussion on the most crucial R&I topics right now at a European level.

Our gratitude goes to the main writer of the article, Américo Azevedo (INESC TEC) and the collaborators from the other INESCs: Augusto Casaca (INOV), Ana Soares (INESC Coimbra), Filipa Borrego (INESC ID), Virginia Chu and Susana Freitas (INESC-MN).

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Research and Innovation days 2021 – Day 2

The second and final day of the R&I days 2021 is streaming live as we write. If you have not had the chance to participate in the events so far, don’t forget to have a look at the rich programme of this afternoon, which includes parallel sessions on associations in Horizon Europe, strategic autonomy, bioeconomy, biodiversity, clean energy, circular economy, digital innovation and transformation, and much more. For the full programme click here. Watch the events here.


EU Knowledge Valorisation Platform launched to accelerate the uptake of research results

Today, the European Commission launched the EU Knowledge Valorisation Platform, a digital space that provides an interactive forum to stimulate cooperation across borders and improve the broad uptake of research results in society and the economy. The platform will enable the sharing of best practice, knowledge and expertise, thereby improving policies and enhancing capacities and skills. This will foster a strong culture of entrepreneurship, inclusive innovation in Europe, and knowledge valorisation turning research results into sustainable solutions with economic value and societal benefits. As one of the actions under the new European Research Area (ERA) Communication it will co-create the development of the Code of Practice for the smart use of Intellectual Property, in response to requests made by Member States. The launch of the EU Knowledge Valorisation Platform is one of the follow-up actions to the new European Research  Area and to the survey named Towards a policy dialogue and exchange of best practices on knowledge valorisation, published in February. More information on knowledge valorisation platform here and on the EU valorisation policy website.


Coronavirus: Commission launches the Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal

At the European Research and Innovation Days today, the European Commission launched a new coronavirus collaboration portal that offers matchmaking opportunities for researchers and research projects worldwide focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. The initiative supports the Global Approach to Research and Innovation.

More information in the following links:


Switzerland out of Horizon Europe until it pays the agreed contribution to Cohesion Policy

According to Science Business, Switzerland has not paid its contribution to the EU cohesion fund since 2012. Association to Horizon Europe is unlikely until Switzerland meets its financial obligations. “We will take into account the development and the prospect of the EU-Swiss relationship as a whole,” said the Commission spokesman. According to Olivier Küttel (Head of EU affairs of EPFL), the Swiss parliament is likely to unlock the money in September. But he doubts that will be enough for Switzerland to be allowed back into Horizon Europe. “We still hope it will happen in September and negotiations can start,” he said.


Commission proposes ‘operational arm’ of European Cyber Shield

According to Euractiv, the European Commission laid out on Wednesday (23 June) its vision for a Joint Cyber Unit to tackle evolving cyberthreats and to increase European resilience. The proposal for the Joint Cyber Unit was released alongside a progresso report, where the European Commission took stock of its achievements under each of the 26 initiatives that were set out in the European Cybersecurity Strategy in December. Most notably, the Commission urged the EU Council and Parliament to swiftly adopt the revised Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS 2) to ensure the cyber resilience and operational capacity of the EU. The NIS 2 directive aims at more stringent supervision measures and includes means to support coordinated management of large-scale cybersecurity incidents as well as increased cooperation between member state authorities. The legislative proposal was adopted by the European Commission in December 2020 and is currently going through the ordinary legislative process. At the same time, EU countries have made significant progress on the implementation of the 5G Toolbox, which tries to mitigate risks from 5G suppliers. Almost all of the member states already have frameworks in place to impose restrictions on 5G suppliers.


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