High-level roundtable on Deep Tech

Deep tech is moving rapidly to the heart of EU research and innovation agenda. In this roundtable, we will delve deeper into the reasons why, explore the real potential of deep tech to solve complex societal challenges, and assess the challenge of building effective ecosystems to drive and scale it.  Watch the video of the […]

Workshop “Enhancing science-based knowledge on EU forests”

A view on possible research and innovation roadmaps for specific thematic areas and knowledge domains in the EU context. An event organised by INESC Brussels HUB Work Group Agro-Food and Forestry. Watch the video recording of the workshop Full agenda of the event Workshop Enhancing science-based knowledge on EU forests Its influence on decision making […]

INESC Brussels HUB spring meeting (1-2 June 2021)

Where is the future of technology heading to? What is the roadmap to develop technological innovation within the context of the EU priorities? How will INESC contribute to the future of Europe? In this multiple event, INESC Brussels HUB explores the perspectives on the future of research and innovation in Europe with INESC R&I experts […]

OLISSIPO Twin Seminars on Computational Biology

Speakers: Susana Vinga (INESC-ID/IST) & Valentina Boeva (ETH Zürich) Chair/Moderator: Niko Beerenwinkel (ETH Zürich) ZOOM link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/84981014599 No password or registration needed for this session The Twin Seminars “Sparse regularization for multi-omics data” will contribute to disseminate the scientific work and expertise of INESC-ID and all the Olissipo Project Consortium that includes Inria, ETH Zürich and EMBL. These seminars will comprise two […]

InterConnect Webinar “Customer data management crucial to distribution system operators”

The project InterConnect – lead by INESC TEC – is organising a Webinar series on Open Innovation and Personal Data Protection in the ICT and energy fields. The fourth webinar will be on the topic of Personal Data Protection. Tzeni Varfi, European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO), and Pedro González González, Asociación de Empresas de Energía Eléctrica […]

Research and Technology Infrastructures for the European Nanotechnology Ecosystem (Workshop)

Development of nanotechnology, from fundamental research to market-ready applications, requires access to advanced tools and expertise that may not be readily available within local networks of academic researchers or companies. Accordingly, the distributed research infrastructure model is particularly suited for supporting and promoting research and innovation ecosystem in nanotechnology. In this workshop, organised by Ascent+ […]