INESC Brussels Hub Summer Meeting 2022

With a fascinating list of speakers and moderators, we will be discussing research careers and research assessment, international collaboration, future agendas of R&I for green and digital, science-based innovation, science futures anticipation and science-based policy making. We will also be hosting a networking cocktail event in the INESC Brussels Hub HQ and a dinner discussion. […]

Digital Transformation: From institutional collaboration to multilateral opportunities reinforcing the EU-Japan partnership and its global influence

Full agenda – Provisional Programme This session will provide a forum to discuss research cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Japan in light of the current and future funding landscape. We are selecting digital transformation as the overarching theme to frame this discussion. The digital transition is definitely high on both EU and Japan’s […]

The twin revolution as seen from the future – A multidisciplinary perspective focused on use cases, sectoral policy and regulation (organised in partnership with InterConnect)

Full agenda All speakers will be physically present in the meeting. Physical participation of non-speakers possible only by invitation due to limited number of places. Online participation of non-speakers will be possible via registration and will be open to all. 10h00 – The Energy Consumer of the Future: Use cases and sectoral policy Luis Seca, […]

Workshop: Research Careers and Research Assessment (organised in partnership with EU-LIFE)

Recognition, visibility, mobility, inclusiveness, precarity. These are but a few of the challenges that researchers face nowadays. Promoting rewarding and inclusive research careers is key for Europe to unlock the impact that science has to offer to the world. Due to reduced funding, academic research careers are overly competitive and opportunities to become a research […]

Linking GitOPS towards fast innovation over BigHPC – UT Austin Portugal

The UT Austin Portugal Program, a partnership between the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology and the University of Texas at Austin, is very pleased to announce the second webinar series under the 2019 Strategic Research Project BigHPC: Towards a New Generation of Big Data & HPC Applications. This webinar series will focus on the […]