May 27, 2021
The number of cancer patients worldwide is rising at an unprecedent rate. In Europe there are worrying inequalities in cancer control and care within EU Member States, as well as across the EU. Having established cancer as a priority societal challenge, the European Commission is aiming to save three million lives by 2030. The EU is right to take a continent-wide approach, as the ultimate success of its Cancer Mission will depend on harnessing extensive data to improve prevention, diagnostics and treatment. However, the use of data in this context does raise concerns related to ethics, fairness and explainability that can only be properly addressed from an interdisciplinary point of view. Given the high death toll from cancer, there is an urgent need for research and innovation to better validate the use of data by health technologies and deliver concrete results faster. At the forefront of health technologies research, INESC is developing different projects under three major dimensions – prevention, diagnostics and treatment (see the diagram for a representative set). Effectively addressing the challenges related to these three dimensions will naturally prompt important achievements in other dimensions.  Read the full article on Science Business.

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