March 18, 2021

Two teams of researchers from INESC TEC’s Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM) and Centre for Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems (CRIIS) are among the winners of the first stage of the OpenCV AI Competition 2021; both teams were also selected for the second phase of OpenCV AI – the largest global competition in AI and computer vision, sponsored by Microsoft Azure and Intel.

With prizes totalling $400K, this year’s edition focuses on solutions to solve real-world problems using AI and computer vision.

This competition takes place in the year marking the 20th anniversary of OpenCV – Open Source Computer Vision Library, a computer vision software and open source machine-learning library. OpenCV has more than 47.000 users worldwide and the estimated number of downloads is over 18 million.

CTM researchers João Monteiro, Hélder Oliveira and Luís Teixeira, as well as the CHSJ surgeon André Magalhães, competed in the Health and Fitness category, presenting themselves as the team Brighter Eyes Lynxes, and proposing a gamified goniometer for posture clinical assessment (corpusLabe).

CRIIS researchers Filipe Neves dos Santos, André Aguiar, Luís Santos and Daniel Silva, competed in the Agriculture category, as the team AGROB@INESCTEC, presenting a solution for locating robots considering tree trunks as a visual reference.

More information on INESC TEC website.

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